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DTSD342-HLD Rail Mount Multi Circuit Power Monitor

General introduction:
DTSD342-HLD rail mount multi circuit power monitor integrates measuring and recording, LCD display, 485 communication into one electrical power monitor, which is mainly used in the monitoring of electrical parameters in multi distribution circuits.

Our monitor meets the following standards:
1. GB/T17215.321-2008 static reactive electric energy meter (class 1 and class 2).
2. GB/T17215.323-2008 static reactive electric energy meter (class 2 and class 3).
3. DL/T 614-2007 multifunctional electric energy meter.
4. DL/T 645-2007 communication protocol of multifunctional electric energy meter.
5. QZTT 1017-2015 technical specifications for smart meters.

Technical specifications
Items Technical index
Wiring form three-phase four-wire, single-phase
Measurement Voltage Reference voltage Un:AC220V measurement range:10V~450V
power consumption:< 0.05VA(single phase)
accuracy: RMS 0.2 %
Resolution: 0.01V
Current Rated current In:10A
measurement range: 0.004 In ~ 100A
power consumption:< 0.05VA(single channel rated current)
accuracy: RMS 0.2 %
Resolution: 0.001A
(active / reactive/ apparent)
accuracy: 0.5%
Resolution: 0.001kW/kVar/kVA
Grid frequency measurement range:45 Hz~65 Hz
accuracy: 0.2%
Resolution: 0.01 Hz
Metering Active electric energy Metering accuracy class: class 1
Resolution: 0.01 kWh
Reactive electric energy Metering accuracy class: class 2
Resolution: 0.01 kvarh
digital signal electric energy pulse output 4 channel active electric energy pulse output
Optocoupler isolation,4000VRMS
Switch output
1 channel electromagnetic relay output
normally open
contact rating: AC 250V /3A; DC 30V /3A
Switch input
6 channel dry contact input
Optocoupler isolation,4000VRMS
Communication RS-485 communication port Interface type: two-line half duplex
communication rate: 600bps~9600bps
Protocol: DL/T-645-2007 and communication protocol for base station AC smart meter
Environment Working temperature -25℃~+60℃
Limit working temperature -35℃~+70℃
Relative humidity ≤98%(RH)
Others Power supply AC or DC power supply
Maximum input range: 40V~420V
Power consumption: ≤1W,3VA
Clock < 0.5 second per day
Panel protection class IP31
Installation mode 35mm standard rail mount
Size Outline size(mm):72×101.7×63mm
Weight About 450g

Main features
1.Adopt high-precision sampling and measuring unit together with high-speed MCU data processing unit, to realize high precision, wide range and accurate measurement as well as fast data analysis.
2. Multi-line wide viewing angle LCD display is used to show richer contents.
3. The LCD display is equipped with white backlight to meet the requirement of consulting data in dark environment.
4. Nonvolatile memory is adopted to store all kinds of data, which can save data for a long time without losing data due to power failure.
5. With the high-precision temperature-compensation clock chip, the accuracy of the clock is guaranteed in the working temperature range.
6. Support RS-485 communication port, DL/T 645-2007 and communication protocol for base station AC smart meter, convenient and flexible for network construction.
7. Different communication modules are optional to meet different interface requirement of various customers.

Main functions
1. Parameter measurement
The monitor has rich measuring function, and the measurable grid parameters and indexes are as follows:
1) Bus voltage.
2) The current value of each phase in the 4 circuits.
3) Active power, reactive power and apparent power of each phase.
4) Total active power, reactive power and apparent power.
5) The power factor value of each phase and the total power factor.
6) The measurable frequency of the power grid is 45 ~ 65hz.

2. Electric energy metering
This monitor can measure many kinds of electric power data:
1) Three-phase combined active electric energy, total positive and negative active electric energy.
2) Three-phase combined reactive electric energy and four quadrant total reactive electric energy.
3) Combined active electric energy, positive and negative active electric energy of each phase.
4) Combined reactive electric energy of each phase and four quadrant total reactive electric energy.

3. Settlement function
1) The settlement function means the monitor can automatically store the current electric power data according to the pre-set settlement time, also known as "cross month settlement".
2) Settlement date (automatic meter reading date) can be set up by communication, and the setting range can be any day and hour between 1~28 days.
3) When the meter is power-down and crosses the settlement day, the meter will adopt cross-month settlement. The months of settlement are decided by the power-down months.
4) The instrument can save historical settlement data for 24 months, and the historical settlement data includes the various electric energy data.

4. history alarm recording function
1) Too high, too low or over-limit voltage alarm, and the instrument records the last 500 alarm events.
2) Voltage phase missing alarm, and the instrument records the last 500 alarm events.
3) Too high or too low frequency alarm, and the instrument records the last 500 alarm events.
4) AC arrester empty open or break off alarm, and the instrument records the last 500 alarm event.
5) Meter fault alarm, and the instrument records the last 500 alarm events.

5. freezing function
Daily freezing function. The instrument can store over 1000 times daily frozen data, and freezing time can be set by parameters.

6. Load curve function
Load curve function. The instrument can save above 5000 times of load curve data and the recording time interval is 15 minutes.

7. Display function
The instrument adopts LCD display with wide viewing angle, intuitive and rich in content. Operating with the press key, detailed data information can be obtained. For specific information, please refer to the "operation and display" part.

8. Communication function
Equipped with RS485 communication interface, the monitor can be used for parameter setting and data reading. The instrument has an independent RS485 communication interface by default.

WILLFAR as a reliable rail mount multi circuit power monitor manufacturer, mainly manufacture energy efficiency management instrument and meter data management instrument, like data logger, data concentrator, data collector, and power monitor. To serve daily life much better, WILLFAR company also provides custom electrical energy efficiency management solutions as well as smart metering system in customer needs.

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