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JYW-60 Overhead Power Line Fault Indicator

General introduction
JYW-60 overhead power line fault indicator, adopts ultralow power consumption wireless MCU, and integrated high performance microprocessor and RF transceiver as well as high resolution ADC(analog-to-digital converter) inside, conforms to Q/GDW 436-2010 standard. Combining micro-power wireless networking technology of our company and advanced algorithm for fault section detection in distribution system at present, this overhead power line fault indicator possess the function of micro-power wireless networking, through which fault information can be uploaded to the remote distribution transformer monitoring terminal. Then the terminal reports it to the master station positioning system where the fault information is disposed and graphical location output is given.

Technical specifications
Items Indicators
Line voltage 3kV~35kV
Load current 2A~600A
Maximum short-circuit current 30kA/2s
Diameter of wire 8mm~41mm(insulated wire, bare wire)
Working environment Normal working temperature: -25℃~+60℃
Limit working temperature: -40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity: 10~100%
Atmospheric pressure: 63.0kPa~108.0kPa
Reset time 1h~48h(24h default), smart reset(reset immediately after the resuming power)
Action times 3000
Protection class IP68
Weight ≤550g
Service life ≥10 years
Wireless communication distance ≥500m
Network relay series ≤7
Network radius Maximum line length is 5km
Network capacity ≤512
outline dimension 147.3mm×76 mm×76mm

Main features
1. Local communication: adopting wireless frequency hopping network communication technology, the fault indicator and remote distribution transformer monitoring terminal can communicate and relay on each other, which improves communication reliability and expands communication distance.
2. Short-circuit detection: the overcurrent sudden change method is adopted to automatically track load current without setting action parameters; the overcurrent rapid-disconnection method is used to prevent maloperation of reclosing flow and low current sudden change.
3. Ground fault detection: detect transient current at the moment of grounding and identify ground fault.
4. Automatic reset: 1h-48h reset time can be set, or smart reset( reset immediately after resuming power)
5. Loading with electricity: use standard insulated operating rod, no need for special tools
6. Display mode: LED light, split-flap display display

Main functions
1 Short-circuit and ground fault
In order to better meet field practical application demands, JYW-60 overhead power line fault indicator provide two short-circuit fault judgement algorithms, overcurrent sudden change method and overcurrent rapid-disconnection method, which can be chose to detect faults after setting required parameters on master station or handheld device. Fault detect method can be preset, the default is overcurrent sudden change method. A new algorithm for detection and positioning of ground fault is adopted. The current of ground circuit monitored and recorded by the indicator, combined with the zero-sequence voltage monitored by the distribution transformer terminal, enable the master station to give a comprehensive judgment and positioning of the grounding fault.

2 Indicator reset
The fault indicator returns to the normal position from the fault state according to the factory reset time. The reset time can be set to 1h - 48h, and 1h - 48h delay at fault state; or it can be set to intelligent reset(reset immediately after resuming power supply).
In addition, the manual remote reset of failure state can also be carried out on the master station if needed.

3 Failure indication
After the fault indicator detects the fault, the split-flap display turns into red, and the red LED lamp flickers at the frequency of 2 seconds, convenient for the maintenance personnel to find out the fault point. After finishing reset, the split-flap display returns to its normal state and the LED lamp no longer flickers.

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