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WFTT-1800 Power Distribution Measuring Instrument

General introduction:
WFTT-1800 electrical power distribution transformer monitor is mainly used for metering and monitoring of distribution transformer stations in power enterprises at all levels.

Main features
WFTT-1800 electrical power distribution transformer monitor is a new generation of high-tech smart distribution transformer terminal of monitoring, metering and management, which uses high performance 32-bit embedded RISC CPU (ARM 9 core) hardware platform and real-time embedded LINUX operating system software platform.

Technical specifications
Items Technical indexes
Standard Q/GDW 374.1-2009 Q/GDW 375.1-2009 Q/GDW 129-2005 DL/T 698-2010
Master station communication protocol Q/GDW130-2005, Zhejiang province electric field service and management system communication protocol, Guangdong power grid company distribution transformer monitoring and measurement terminal communication protocol, S.00.00.04/Q104-0028-0903-5210, Q/GDW 376.1-2009 or other customized protocol, Q/NMDW-YX-001-2012
Uplink communication channel The terminal supports a variety of communication interfaces, and the user can select one of them according to the need. GPRS/ CDMA/Ethernet/optical fiber
Local interface WFTT-1800E:2 channel RS-485, 1 channel USB, 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel modulated infrared communication, 6 channel teleindication; 
WFTT-1800F:, 2 channel RS-485, 1 channel USB, 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel modulated infrared communication, 6 channel teleindication, optional short distance wireless communication (30 meters distance)
WFTT-1800S-ZJ:2 channel RS-485, 1 channel USB, 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel modulated infrared communication, 2 channel teleindication, 2 channel DC analog acquisition interface, 12channel local reactive power switching control, 2 channel control, optional short distance wireless communication((30 meters distance)); 
WFTT-1800S-FJ:2 channel RS-485, 1 channel USB, 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel modulated infrared communication, 8 channel teleindication, 2 channel DC analog acquisition interface, 12channel local reactive power switching control, 2 channel telecontrol, optional short distance wireless communication communication(30 meters distance); 
WFTT-1800D:2 channel RS-485, 1 channel USB, 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel modulated infrared communication, 5 channel teleindication, 1 channel DC analog, or micro-power wireless communication(500 meters distance)
Display panel 160×160dot matrix LCD display, LED backlight, Full Chinese menu operation; 6 keys
Storage capacity 128MB Flash,32MB SDRAM
Clock error and master station time synchronization error Clock error≤0.5s/d, power-off continuous operation for 10 years; master station time synchronization error≤2s
AC sampling Voltage measurement accuracy: class 0.5; current measurement accuracy: class 0.5; active power measurement accuracy: class 0.5S/1; reactive power measurement accuracy: class 2. Frequency range 50±5Hz
Metering function Support electricity time-share metering, metering of positive and negative active, four-quadrant reactive, A, B, C active and reactive electricity,
Active accuracy: class 0.5S/1, reactive accuracy: class 2; support maximum demand time-sharing metering
Power supply High reliability industrial grade power supply module, working voltage range: 3×220/380V±30%
Electromagnetic compatibility Electrostatic discharge immunity test (class 4), RF electromagnetic field immunity test(class 3), electrical fast transient/burst immunity test (class 4), surge immunity test (class 4), conducted disturbances induced by RF fields immunity test(class 3), power frequency magnetic field immunity (class 5), pulse magnetic field immunity (class 5), damped oscillating magnetic field immunity test (class 5), voltage sag, short time interruption and voltage variation immunity and oscillation wave immunity (class 4)
Meet the highest level requirements of IEC61000-4 series standards
Working environment Normal working temperature:-25℃~+65℃; limit working temperature:-30℃~+75℃; relative humidity:10%~95%; air pressure:66~106kPa
Reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h
Terminal structure Wall mount structure, size:280×180×95mm or 290×180×95mm(length×width×height)

Main functions
1. Metering, voltage monitoring, 2~21 harmonic monitoring, meter reading, distribution transformer monitoring and management.
2. Using wireless remote communication (GPRS/CDMA), our distribution transformer monitor has abundant local communication and maintenance interface.
3. In addition to the meter reading and distribution transformer monitoring management functions of the basic model, the enhanced model adds the function of local reactive power switching, remote control and DC analog acquisition.

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