WJCZ AC Charging Station

WJCZ AC charging station can be installed indoors or outdoors, which is suitable for public charging stations and various parking lots such as, company, residence community, urban public buildings, social public occasions and etc.

Main features
1. Multiple installation modes, such as wall mount or floor mount.
2. Many charging methods are available, including timing charging, quantitative charging, fixed amount charging, automatic filling, etc.
3. Support IC card, radio frequency card, mobile phone APP and other payment methods.
4. Perfect measurement and accounting management, and ESAM information encryption technology is adopted to ensure the safety of funds.
5. Real time display of charged capacity, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and other information as well as operation status and charging records. With the charging curve query function, the historical data can be exported by using USB.
6. GB interface, suitable for all brands of electric vehicles.

WILLFAR as a reliable AC charging station manufacturer, mainly manufacture meter data management and energy efficiency management instrument, for smart data logging, power quality monitoring, data management applications. To serve daily life much better, WILLFAR company also provides custom electrical energy efficiency management solutions for clients.

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