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Willfar newly built science park covers an area of 306,666 square meters, and the production building is of 150,000 square meters area, including the production workshop of 40 thousand square meters area. All the plants adopt anti-static floor and completely closed dustproof workshop, equipped with central air conditioning system to maintain the constant temperature of 22±3℃. Our company has always been focusing on customer’s needs, strictly controlling the process of product design, testing and experiment, raw material processing and manufacture, to ensure high quality of our product.

Standard manufacturing process
The completion of all products of our company follows the following process: market research→product development→new product small batch trial production→ batch production→ small batch listing → market. Process management is divided into process design, engineering implementation and on-site process to realize layered management. Process design management ensures product manufacturability; Engineering implementation management guarantees product stability and reliable batch production; On-site process management ensure timely disposing of production process problems.

Process Main equipment Special process equipment (tools) Key points of quality control
SMT Suction plate machine, printing press placement machine, reflow soldering Program burning process equipment Optical inspection instrument High power magnifying glass ICT inspection device 1, Solder paste printing 2, Reflow soldering 3, Inspection after welding
Plug-in unit crest welder, forming machine Sub-board machine, wave-soldering tray Wave soldering
Post weld
Positioning tools, FT test tooling, thermostat soldering iron Hand welding, electrical measurement, FT test, post weld visual inspection
Pre processing
Material cutting machine
Assembly Withstand voltage tester Oscilloscope wave-soldering tray, withstand voltage
Aging High temperature aging room / Temperature control
Check Check table Automatic check software Temperature, humidity
Function test Multi-function calibration platform Automatic testing software Conclusion of function test
Post processing
Scanning gun, lead sealing pliers Nameplate, appearance, parameters
Packing Automatic box sealing machine Printing machine Consecutive numbers, user information

Automatic burning of chip program
Adopt automatic program burning machine of Taiwan to realize the batch fast automatic burning of chip program, alarm information prompt, integrity check and burning data statistical analysis, which improves the reliability of the chip program burning. The program burning efficiency can reach up to 1500Pcs/h.

Automatic placement process
The latest high-speed placement machine of Panasonic and Toshiba are adopted to achieve high speed, accurate positioning and high degree of automation placement process. The whole process does not require personnel intervention.

Lead-free reflow soldering process
Using Folungwin advanced lead-free reflow soldering machine consisting of 8 temperature zones, 16 upper and lower heating plates, 2 cooling zones, the temperature control precision is within ±1°C. Stainless steel mesh belt (width>450 mm) and rail (40-400mm adjustable) are used for transmission. In addition, with the intelligent temperature monitoring function and temperature curve analysis system, it is convenient for adjustment and improvement of the welding process parameters.

Automatic optical inspection process
AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection) technology is adopted to detect rosin joint, leak of solder, solder pearl and other bad welding faults of the placement substrate.

Wave soldering process
The double-wave soldering machine of Folungwin adapts to PCB board with a width of 50 - 400mm. The soldering speed is 100 - 2000mm/min; The length of the pre heating zone is 1800mm; The temperature is 110-280℃.The fastest speed of soldering 50mm PCB board reaches 40 pieces/min.

In-circuit test process
Adopt ICT( In-Circuit Test) process. After finishing the production of the plates, ICT will be carried out according to the set test point, in order to find out the quality problem of the plates in time.

Functional test of the plates
FCT(Final Circuit Test) is used to test the plates possessed functions, in order to find out potential problems of the product, thus improving product quality.

Ultrasonic cleaning process
For the printed circuit board with components, ultrasonic is used to make the dirt layer dispersed, emulsified and peeled to achieve the purpose of cleaning.(This process depends on the need of customer).

Full-automatic three-proofing coating process
Using automatic coating equipment ensures the PCBA related areas (especially MCU and metering chips and peripheral circuits, etc.) three-proofing(fungus proofing, salt spray proofing and moisture proofing) effect, and guarantees the stable and reliable operation of the electric meter.

Automatic screw machine
The screws inside the terminal are fixed by the automatic screw machine, which ensures the reliability of screw fastening.

High temperature aging process
High temperature aging room adopts advanced insulation material, intelligent temperature control system, to complete the aging of the entire machine running under high temperature.

Full-automatic AC withstand voltage test
Automatic assembly line is used to achieve full check of product withstand voltage, which has the function of automatic inspection and automatic sorting of unqualified products. Detection data adopts multi-point collection, automatic stored and uploaded to MES system.

Automatic software verification
Using high-precision calibration platform, cooperated with Willfar self-developed calibration software, the measurement error can be controlled within 40% of the national standard, and the data can be automatically saved and uploaded to the MES system.

MES full process data management
Willfar self-developed production management system (MES system), is used for the management of production process in all aspects, including QM process quality data management, production scheduling, real-time upload and query of key process data (AOI, FCT, withstand voltage, calibration, parameter settings, inspection, functional testing, factory settings, etc.), to achieve traceability management of product quality management.

Function test device
The function test of the terminal is carried out by using high precision, multi-function inspection bench and automatic testing software.

Automatic parameter setting
Adopting the automatic parameter setting software developed by Willfar realizes online parameter setting to make the production process more smooth. The data is automatically stored and uploaded to the MEC system.

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