WPQ-1000D Power Quality Analyzer

General introduction:
WPQ-1000D power quality analyzer, a high-tech online power quality monitoring device of network type, multi-channel and high accuracy, is the integration of modern digital signal processing, computer communication, the latest power quality theory and software engineering ideas.

Technical specifications
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Standard Q/GDW 1650-2014, DL/T1227-2013, GB/T19862-2005, IEC61000-4-30
Communication protocol Uplink: Q/GDW 1650.3-2014, IEC61850(MMS), MODBUS-RTU, NTP, IRIG-B code for time synchronization
Downlink: IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/9-2LE
Communication mode Remote: 2 channel Ethernet
Local : 1 channel S-232, 2 channel RS-485, 2 channel USB, 1~8 channel optical fiber interface(STconnector)
Power supply AC 85V~265V, DC 100V-345V
Working environment Working temperature: -25℃~+65℃, relative humidity: ≤95%
Overall power consumption Non-transmission state apparent power: ≤25VA, active power: ≤10W
Input interface 2~16 channel teleindication input
Output interface 2~16 channel alarm output
Storage capacity 8G FLASH
Metering accuracy class Active: class 0.2s; reactive: class 2S
Measuring accuracy class Voltage measuring range: 0.5Un~1.2Un, accuracy of voltage effective value: 0.2 ℅
Current measuring range: 50mA~6A, accuracy of current effective value: 0.2 ℅
Active power accuracy: 0.2%, reactive apparent power accuracy: 0.5℅
Accuracy of harmonics and interharmonics: GB/T14549-93 class A (meet IEC61000-4-30 class A equipment requirements)
Voltage fluctuation and flicker accuracy: 5%
Resolution of transient detection time:10ms
Accuracy of voltage unbalance:0.2%, Accuracy of current unbalance:1%
Measurement circuit Reference voltage: three-phase three-wire system, 3×100V±30%, three-phase four-wire system, 3×220/380V±30%, 3×57.7/100V±30%
Reference current: 1(2)A, 1.5(6)A, 5(6)A
1~8 channels of measurement circuit
Clock Clock error ≤0.5s/d, power-off continuous operation for 10 years
Reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h
Structure 4U(19″) standard industrial cabinets, length×width×height:482mm×178mm×286mm

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