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WFET-1600E Electrical Power Data Concentrator

General introduction:
WFET-1600E electrical power data concentrator is a small intelligent acquisition terminal of compact structure, installation size consistent with single-phase table, which realizes power meter automatic collection of the low voltage side user, interactive acquisition and metering function, etc.

Technical specifications
Items Indexes
Standard Q/GDW 1374.2-2013, Q/GDW 1375.2-2013
Communication protocol Uplink: Q/GDW 1376.1-2013 or customized communication protocol downlink: DL/T645 or customized electric meter protocol
Communication mode Remote: GPRS/CDMA/3G/4G/Ethernet/EPON optical fiber
Local:2 channel meter reading RS-485 interface (Each channel has the ability to read 64 smart meters),1 channel maintenance RS-485(can be set for meter reading),1 channel modulated infrared ,1 channel USB main interface,1 channel teleindication
Power supply Single phase AC220V±20%
Working environment Relative humidity ≤95%, working temperature: -25℃~+65℃
Overall power consumption Non-transmission state apparent power ≤5VA, active power ≤3W
Storage capacity 128MB FLASH
Clock ≤0.5s/d
Reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h
Structure length×width×height:160mm×112mm×71mm

Main features
1. Wide working power supply, reaching ±30% of the rated voltage.
2. The electric meter protocol library is rich, supporting common electric meters at home and abroad as well as protocol customization.
3. Our data logger has complete functions, and can exchange data with main station or handheld device simultaneously.
4. High protection grade, sealed design, waterproof and flame retardant material for its case.
5. Small and light in size, convenient for installation.

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