WZCZ DC Charging Station

WZCZ DC charging station is an indoor off-board charger, which can meet the application requirements of fast charging for electric vehicles. The charger has two installation modes, split installation and integrated installation, suitable for large public charging stations, special charging station for bus, charging station of highway service area, parking lots of city public buildings, social public parking lots, etc.

Main features
1. Charging function: manual and automatic charging function, dynamic adjustment of charging voltage and current limit value according to BMS, reminder and alarm when finishing charging, two gun patrol charging, automatic conversion of fast and slow charging mode and stepless speed regulating 2. Signal detection function: output detection, IC card detection, switch input and other information detection, operation state detection, fault detection.
3. Human-computer interaction function: manually select service type and manual control, output display, two-dimensional code mobile phone scanning payment function.
4. Safety protection function: over / under voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, AC lightning protection, overheating protection, battery reverse connection protection, voltage limiting and current limiting(settable threshold) protection, etc.
5. Emergency stop, abnormal charging connection protection, insulation detection protection.
6. Communication protocol: support the national standard BMS communication protocol GB/T 27930-2011, Willfar background communication protocol.
7. Communication interface: industrial Ethernet interface, RS485 (CAN configurable).

WILLFAR as a faithful DC charging station manufacturer, mainly manufacture meter data management and energy efficiency management instrument for smart data logging, power quality monitoring, data management and data transmission applications. To serve daily life much better, WILLFAR company also provides custom electrical energy efficiency management solutions as well as smart metering system in customer demands.

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