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JYL-60 Overhead Transient Recording Fault Indicator

General introduction
JYL-60 overhead transient recording fault indicator can accurately detect ground and short-circuit faults of 10KV distribution network line. Meanwhile, it has functions of fault recording, zero-sequence current synthesis, micro-power wireless network, etc., so fault information and recording waveform can be uploaded to the master station through local wireless network. Therefore, fast location of fault section, shortening of line fault process time and provision of power supply reliability can be realized. The product consists of acquisition unit and collection unit.

Technical specifications
Items Indicators
Line voltage 3kV~35kV
Load current 0A~630A
Maximum short-circuit current 30kA/2s
Diameter of wire 8mm~41mm(insulated wire, bare wire)
Working environment temperature: -40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity: 10~100%
atmospheric pressure: 63.0kPa~108.0kPa
Reset time 1h~48h(default is 24h), smart reset(reset immediately after resuming power supply)
Action times 3000
Protection class IP67
Weight ≤1000g
Service life ≥ 10 years
Wireless communication distance ≥100m
Electric current and electric field recording possessed
Zero-sequence current synthesis possessed
Telemetry accuracy When load current is between 0A and 100A, the measurement error is within ±3A. When load current is between 100A and 630A, the measurement error is within ±3%.
Three phase synchronous precision < 200μs
quiescent current ≤80uA
Master station protocol Q/GDW 376.1-2009 communication protocol of power user electric energy data acquire system: master station and acquire distribution network teleindication terminal communication protocol
Data transmission uplink communication: public network wireless; downlink communication: micro-power wireless
Local transmission interface Maintenance serial port*1, micro-power wireless*1
Remote update Public network wireless, micro-power wireless
reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h

Main features
High reliability:
1) With high permeance CT power supply and low power consumption technology, the device achieves full functional operation at the line current of 5A.
2) Adopting CT power supply, super capacitance, disposable lithium battery and three-stage power grid can ensure long term operation.
3) With overall high protection design, it is of dustproof, waterproof, anti-condensation and corrosion resistance.
High precision:
1) Using high-performance electronic current transformer testing technology, the accuracy within rated range can be up to ±1%.
2) Precise zero-sequence current synthesis is realized by the use of high-precision interphase current sampling synchronization technology.
3) The detection accuracy of short circuit fault can reach up to 100%, and the comprehensive detection accuracy of ground fault can reach 90%.
1) Simple power distribution automation solution is adopted in order to effectively shorten the troubleshooting time.
2) Concise scheme, convenient construction and high performance-price ratio..
3) Maintenance-free operation, remote debugging management.

Main functions
1.1 Short-Circuit Fault Detection
In order to more accurately detect short-circuit fault of the line as well as better meet field practical application demands, JYL-60 overhead conductor mounted fault indicator provides two short-circuit fault judgement algorithms, overcurrent sudden change method and overcurrent rapid-disconnection method.

1.2 Ground Fault Detection
The detection of ground fault adopts leading fault judgement and positioning algorithm, and the acquisition unit can monitor and record the current waveform in real-time when the line is connected with ground. Once the ground fault occurs, the sudden change of the voltage and current signals will trigger the fault phase of the acquisition unit to synchronize the non-fault phase and record the waveform at the moment of fault occurring. The first four cycles before the fault occurs and the first eight cycles after the fault occurs, are recorded and collected by the collection unit which uploads the current waveform on the three-phase indicator to the master station.

1.3 Fault Recording
Adopting CT high power supply makes it possible for the high speed sampling. When the line current is greater than 5A, the acquisition unit will sample at the rate of 4K. At the same time, the use of electronic transformer sampling technology ensures the measurement accuracy limited in the range of 3%. When the fluctuations of voltage waveform and current waveform are detected and excess the set threshold, it will trigger the waveform storage function immediately.

1.4 Wireless Remote Communication Function
Data communication module is embedded in the collection unit, which utilizes the public network wireless data service to read remote data of the distribution network teleindication terminal. The public network wireless data communication corresponds to the relevant standards of the international, national, ministry of electric power and wireless communication products access network testing institutions. Referring to the merits of the design of foreign similar products and combining our company’s years of developing experience in products of conductor mounted fault indicators, the product has the advantages of high reliability, large capacity, low delay, good opening and high performance-price ratio. The public network wireless data communication of the collection unit adopts TCP/IP or SMS mode. When the communication is carried out in TCP/IP mode, the collection unit can be configured as TCP or UDP mode.

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