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ZG-D-Y Wired Smart Gas Meter

The ZG-D-Y wired smart gas meter complies with the JJG577-2005 standards. It is superior to the meter product that is fabricated according to the GB/T 6968-2011 standard offrom China Ministry of Construction. Our wired smart gas meter is suitable for large-scale enterprise, urban gas companies, property management companies and utilities to manage the resource such as gas measuring and data collecting.

Features and Benefits
1. Data communication with cable
2. Mechanic measurement with photoelectric direct reading module
3. Provide real-time and historical gas consumption data
4. The valve can be opened and closed by system
5. Gas leaking alarm and the valve will be closed automatically in time.

Reference standard Comply with national standard GB/T 6968-2011
Metering accuracy class Class B
Specification G1.6
Normal working condition Pressure range 0.5KPa - 30KPa
Maximum working pressure 30KPa
Total pressure loss ≤ 250Pa
Airproof The meter is able to withstand 50Kpa pressure without leaking
Temperature -10 ℃ ~40℃
Humidity Relative humidity 93%
Protection class IP54
Anti-hazard class Exib II Bt3
Working life 10 years
Max transient current 3 00mA
Valve life Effective switching time ≥ 10000
Communication interface MBus
Metering method (optional) Double reed switch sampling mode
Photoelectric direct reading
Long-life photoelectric sensor

We are the China-based producer and supplier of energy metering devices. Annually, our company can produce and market 10millions sets of various metering appliances. Professional OEM or ODM service can be achievable.

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