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WFET-610 Electric Power Data Collector

General introduction:
WFET-610 electric power data collector conforms to the collector II standard of State Grid Corp. of China. As communication relay, it can transmit commands and data transparently between concentrator and power meter, usually used as the auxiliary equipment of WFET-1600U smart power monitoring data logger.

Technical specifications
Items Technical indexes
Standard Q/GDW 1374.2-2013, Q/GDW 1375.3-2013, Q/GDW 374.2-2009, Q/GDW 375.3-2009, technical specification of type II collector for centralized meter reading terminal of low voltage electricity collecting power users of Guangdong power grid corporation
Communication protocol DL/T645-1997, DL/T645-2007,
Communication mode Uplink: narrow band power carrier/broadband power carrier/micro power wireless, you can choose one according to the need
Local:1 channel RS-485, 1 channel modulated infrared interface
Power supply Rated voltage:220V, allowable deviation:-30%~+30% Frequency:50Hz, allowable deviation:-6%~+2%
Working environment Working temperature:-45℃~+75℃; relative humidity:10%~100%; air pressure:63~108kPa
Overall power consumption Non-communication state, overall apparent power≤5VA, active power≤3W
Clock Clock error ≤0.5s/d
Reliability MTBF≥7.6×104h
Structure Wall mount structure, size:100mm×40mm×50mm(length×width×height)

Main features
1. The working power supply range is wide, reaching up to ±30% of the rated voltage.
2. High reliability.
3. A large number of electric meters can be connected, at most 32.
4. Uplink communication adopts integrated design, supporting narrowband power line, broadband power line and micro power wireless communication module.
5. Free-of-setting function: the power meter can work normally with correct connection.
6. Simple and reliable, adopt control technology with multi-level protection measures

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